5 Quick and Easy Steps to Crop a Unisex Tee

Look, we’re not all 5’10 and therefore T-shirts will just not fit us all the same. By being an inclusive brand, we found the best fitting Unisex t-shirt that will last- but it will not fit everyone perfectly. 

We have a solution! Just crop it!

We know, we know, crop is a scary word. But you have the ability to choose your own destiny when it comes to the size of the crop. We will just show you the few steps it takes to get a better fitting tee. 

*For context, I am 5’2 and i wear an XL. My t-shirts are usually fitted at the bust and hips, but loose in the stomach. This is the same size i will use to crop. 


- T-shirt

- Scissors

- Pencil or colored pencil


Try on the T-shirt with bottoms that you plan on wearing the T- shirt with the most. What we are looking for here is the rise of the bottom. If you like a high rise, you can likely crop the tee a little shorter than if you wear more of a mid-rise. BUT your call!


Fold the shirt under itself until you reach your desired length. It will help if you look at yourself in the mirror so you can see how short the T-shirt is getting.


Mark the fold with a pencil - or any other pen that is washable. We prefer colored pencils- they show up better than a regular pencil, but still wash out. 


Now, get naked (ha!) and place the tee on a hard surface to cut BELOW the marked line. You don’t want to cut it too short as you can always cut more off later. 


Get dressed again to see how it measures up. If it’s still too long for your liking repeat steps 2-4. A word of caution- Anything that is cotton will end up curling up at the ends. This will in turn make it slightly shorter. I would suggest waiting til after you wash to cut more off. 

There you have it! The easiest way to get a brand new t-shirt and one that you won’t hate every time you put it on. 


Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have cropping questions. I am happy to answer them all!

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